The history behind the national flag in the world

People often take pride in their country’s flag but not everyone knows the historical significance of the original flag .


Flag of Canada , also known under the name Chinese maple leaves , bright red and white square in the middle . In the middle of the flag is a stylized maple leaf shape . This flag was adopted and used since 1965 , was designed by George FG Stanley and replace Britain flag before each use . The new flag design requirements of the Canadian prime minister at the time sparked a tense debate . However, the new flag was selected and first appeared on 15/02/1965 .


Nepal ‘s national flag in the world not only have the rectangle or square that is two overlapping triangles . Many people believe that the two triangles represent the two largest religions in this country is Hindu and Buddhist .

But according to CNN , double triangle design represents two majestic peaks of the Himalayas – where foreign climbers have plugged up so much that the flag of their country . Symbol sun and moon to show the calmness and determination , and also represents the aspirations of the people of Nepal nice prayer , hope endures country as eclipses .


Flag of Greece consists of nine alternating horizontal stripes in blue and two white . Left corner flag crosshairs , expressing belief in Christianity – the predominant religion of the country . Nine horizontal lines represent the syllables of the phrase living or dead . However, there are suggestions that it symbolizes her muse 9 – the god of poetry and art in ancient Greece .


Bhutan Flag rectangular , triangular as yellow and orange-red form . Amid should have shaped dragon claws holding four white pearls . Two colors on the flag symbolizes the importance of the people and the clergy , the clergy alike . Four white pearl represents wealth , prosperity and protection , protecting people . Picture dragon on the flag denoting the country’s name partly because Bhutan means ” dragon god of payments ” .


American Flag is a symbol of freedom . Left corner of the flag have 50 stars form , representing the 50 U.S. states . Three blue, red , white express different meanings . Red stands for courage and enthusiasm , says white hope was blue colors embodiment of heaven, a symbol of loyalty , justice .